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Ice Bowl Courses Options
Posted: Wednesday, January 14, 2009 6:55:17 PM

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Since we're knee deep in the ice bowls and planning the next years CCS planning I was considering the courses used in the Ice Bowls. Each year we use Idlewild, Mt. Airy, and Banklick for the Icebowls. The argument inevitably comes up about the damage done to the courses during the ice bowls and the impending short recovery period for Mt. Airy as the first CCS.

Have we ever considered using different courses other than the top 3? Monroe, Turtlecreek, Boone, Harbin, AJJolly come to mind as alternatives in order of my preference. These courses are admitedly not as good as the ones being used already but they have a greater chance to recover before the CCS comes back to town. Banklick is traditionally used the last CCS of the year so that course seems to have plently of time to recover and is a club favorite Ice Bowl. Idlewild will not even be an option next year so some alternative will need to be picked there. That leaves Mt. Airy which seems to take the biggest beating of all as the only real discussion point.

Maybe some kind of rotation of courses would be good using a pool of the suitable courses (Airy, Banklick, Idlewild (if available), Monroe, Turtlecreek, Boone, Harbin, AJJolly).

I know there are things at play that I may have not considered. Dan has been gracious enough to hold these events each year and I’m not trying to step on any toes. Just throwing out ideas.
Posted: Friday, January 16, 2009 3:51:54 PM

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I would love to see everyone stay away from Airy this year. I think its time that as a Club we take a bit more responsibility and choose other courses for any further events with the FPO being the only exception. We have plenty to choose from and if there was a way to limit traffic would be greatly beneficial. With the very extensive upgrade that we have planned for Airy there could be times where parts or portions of the course may be temporary closed/off limits till work is completed. This is just my opinion.
Please don't get all bent outta shape about the temp closed part, I am not positive if it may happen, but it might. And if it happens, its because it needs to be. I will be posting another work day very soon.
Ciyas around
Posted: Friday, January 16, 2009 5:42:01 PM

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Just throwing it out there...don't yell at me. But since Global Warming is now defunct..and we are freezing our butts off during Ice Bowls..and we strive for the motto of No Wimps No Whiners...how about we play smaller courses that generally are not available for tournaments due to crowds during the season. Let's take Woodland Mound for instance. Normally, this course is considered too easy and excessively crowded during most of the season...but when it's 10F outside the course is now fairly challenging. I mean we get to enjoy Winton Woods on New Years Day...how about we get to enjoy a smaller course during the Ice Bowls?

I used to hate Airy...but now I'd like to play a tournament there more than just the Pig...but I would like for the weather to be a non-factor as I take on a course that has a tendency to eat me alive.
Posted: Friday, January 16, 2009 10:20:51 PM

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Good idea, but to Liz & Matt's point in the CCS Forum, Mt. Airy gets alot of traffic in Spring, Summer, Fall..it's nice having the course to ourselves during the winter. However, Idlewild gets tons of tournament play, I would think we could use the Ice Bowl as an opportunity to give some attention to the courses we can't play due to traffic.
Posted: Thursday, January 22, 2009 5:05:03 PM

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cold I just really haven't had the time to post a reply here, but I'll do a quick one now. Yes, I've thought about different courses for the Icebowls, but have opted for "if it ain't broke..". Now, since Idlewild is not an option for parkgoers to play in the winter, then we will need to take a new look, cause it looks like it's broke. For me, it's been something that has worked and I've been doing these Icebowls for 13-14 years now and let me tell you, it's a cold, nasty job, so doing ones that are close has been one reason for me to keep them at those courses. But I think there are some really good suggestions. Myself and some others close to the Icebowls have thought of Harbin as a good choice. Before I took over doing the Icebowls, we had some at Woodland and we also had a few at Embschoff - these were actually really pretty nice - anyone up to bringing 9+ baskets to Embschoff next year for an Icebowl? I will get together in the off-season for Icebowls with some people in the club to look at some options. Keep them coming on here and we'll get a good Icebowl Krazy Series going for 2010.  In the meantime, come on out Saturday for #2 at Banklick. I hope I answered the most pressing questions here. If not, let me know.  Oh, and closing Mt. Airy for a year except for the Pig might be a really good idea - laugh just kidding!
Posted: Friday, January 23, 2009 9:05:42 AM

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Not that I ever really keep track of such things, but just happened to notice that my post count just went over 1000!
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