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Enman Field - Brunswick, Maine Options
Posted: Sunday, May 31, 2009 6:13:42 PM
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Enman Field - Brunswick, Maine

I'm up here in Maine for the last week visiting the GF and I told her that 3 of my "must do's" are 1) none of your business, 2) drink beer, and 3) play disc golf.  Disc golf is a little different here in the NE as all the courses I looked up in ME are pay to play.  I'm not talking a a buck to two per day either, but more like $5/round or $10 all day.  I don't play a ton of disc, but for some of you that could get expensive real quick.  In addition the courses up here are separated by many miles/hours of driving.  There are some pro's to pay to play as I'll highlight, but at first I was taken aback by the $10/day fees commonly charged.  What do you think?

I also got the chance to explore Acadia NP and the breweries that surround this little gem.  I took two such brews out to a local course and was able to get in 2 rounds at Enman Field that had 2 courses - the Beauty, and the Beast.

Enman Field - Beauty

Conditions - sunny, 5-10 wind, 60 degrees
Tee's - concrete, 6'x12', flat, new
Baskets - mach IV
Layout - 90% in the trees, moderately tight, well defined fairways
Beverage pairing - Atlantic Brewing Co., Blueberry Ale

Entry to the first tee was through a small clubhouse that contained vending machines, scorecards, dropboxes, a very small pro-shop, and an attendent that collected fees.  No carts were provided....but I think I'd prefer an ATV.  This course contained mainly short to mid-length holes through tight trees with well-defined fairways.  The property this course is on used to be an old grass airstrip and a few holes cross or run down this now overgrown clearing allowing for a few precious "open" holes.  90% of the course is in the woods.  Playing in a mixed coniferous/northern hardwoods forest was a real treat as it brought me back to what I consider my home forest.  These tighter holes all were very well cleared and even though there was "open" forest lining the fairways, the fairways themselves only presented a few scattered trees, 10-30 width, and had relatively high ceilings of 20-40 feet.  No probem for an arsenal of mid-range and accurate fairway drivers.  Baskets were placed in interesting locations such as behind giant rocks or next to giant trees that stood guard.  Mix of hyzer and anhyzer was good while a few longer holes (~4 at 400+ft) made early mistakes costly.  Tees were in great shape, with bright red 55gal trash cans at every hole and nice large tee pads.

This course was a labor of love.  Every hole is carefully cut through the forest, preserving trees that come into play.  Hewn trees are stacked to create barriers between fairways, giant driving range nets are hung beside some tees to prevent errant drives from hitting other parties, bridges are built above streams.  This course is Fred's dream as anyone can tell it is well cared for and constantly updated and manicured.  Distance between holes was a bit short, but that made for easy navigation if you missed the yellow arrows tacked to trees pointing to baskets and next tees as well as the bright red trashcans, only one path, and picnic tables at every hole. 

By beer of choice was a Blueberry Ale from the local brewery in Bar Harbor.  I've been known to dabble in fruity beers before and seeing a local one, loving wild blueberries, and playing a course named "the Beauty" I figured I give this one a try.  Definitely blueberryish, it was a bit thin and lacked any lasting tastes or aroma's.  It was sweet and really did a great job quenching my thirst at 10:30.  If I were to volunteer my tree trimming services for an afternoon on this course, this is the beer I'd drink.  However after so many holes in the trees looking the same, this beer just might get a bit boring after the 2nd one.

Bottom line: Play here

Enman Field - Beast

Conditions - sunny, 5-10 wind, 65 degrees
Tee's - concrete, 6'x12', flat, new
Baskets - mach IV
Layout - 90% in the trees, moderately tight, well defined fairways
Beverage pairing - Atlantic Brewing Co., SOB Ale

Much like the Beauty, this course occupies the other end and adjacent woodlots of Enman Field.  Very similar in layout, course design, types of shots, etc.... it was not the Beauty's alter ego...rather it was her twin.  Once again, 90% was in the trees and offered a variety of shots that tested one's accurate midrange skills.  An interesting observation was that my bag is set up for cincy area courses.  If I played here regularly, I'd add more midrange discs to my bag and take out my drivers.  Fairways were very well defined, nicely cleared except for 6-10 trees that presented challenges, and lined with thicker uncleared woods.  (note: these woods are not nearly as thick as OH). 

I thought I should choose two beers at the opposite end of the spectrum while playing the Beauty and the Beast - for obvious reasons.....  While the blueberry Ale was sweet, thin, fruity, slightly malty, and fizzy, the Special Old Bitter (SOB) was bitter, hoppy, lacked the fizzy thirst quenching carbonation, and sounded like a great beer to complement this course.  The best part though was that it only came in 22oz bottles and lasted me 5 holes instead of the standard 3.  Not as hoppy and fruity as an IPA, this beer remided me of an ESB.  The grumpy old guy on the label laughed at my errant tree shots.  In trying to pick discs for my shots...because the careful balance of tight and open on each hole presented me with many shot options...the flavors were able to settle on my tounge for longer.  I came to the realization that this SOB is perhaps the best balanced beer I've tasted.  

Because there are so many holes in the trees and they tend to look and feel alike on this course, if I were to go back I'd choose 3 discs, make things interesting and simple, take 2 22oz SOB's, and experiment with different shots.  

Bottom Line: Play here

my road trip continues...onto SD and MT.........reviews coming soon!!!

Posted: Monday, June 01, 2009 9:46:45 AM

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Just kidding - I'm really jealous of you and this road trip. Sounds like a great one to me. I've been wanting to go to Maine for some time and I do love Montana. Have a great trip and thanks for sharing your course reviews.
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