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Sakuna Pines - Colorado Springs, CO Options
Posted: Saturday, August 22, 2009 4:04:02 PM
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I'm here in CO finishing up leading a short wilderness trip and had the time to play Sakuna Pines just outside of C. Springs, CO.  C. Springs has 3 good courses (Widefield & Cottonwood Cr. are the other two that I've played several years ago) and I just found out about Sakuna Pines from the local dg website....www.ppfdc.com.  It is not listed on the pdga site in order to keep the riff-raff out or as they say, "The owners of the property asked that it only be open to PPFDC, PDGA, and CDSA members and their guests. The thought is that club members will take better care of the property."  It is hard to find, the gate is dummy locked, and there are many "No Trespassing" signs everywhere.  There is also a sign in book at #1.  There is no drinking or smoking allowed on this course either...for fear of fire and.....drunkeness??  If you can wade through all that....you are in for a treat.

Conditions - calm, sunny, 70 F
Tee's - dirt, well marked, numbered, benches, 19 holes, par 61
Baskets - innova disccatcher
Layout - tight, medium length, hyzer/anhyzer/straight, minimal ground elevation
Beverage pairing - Trinity Chi

This course is as tight as the two courses I played in Maine, but longer and with more variety and options.  Each hole offers a selection of available shots...got guts and an arm??..throw the tight hyzer bomb.  Got finesse??..throw the high flex anhyzer up over the trees.  Only 2 holes really had a decent line for an ace and speaks the tightness and great layout (although I'm sure additional ace runs will present themselves).  Some holes were long - 700+feet - and many were true par 4's of 500+ feet.  A lot of holes were in the 300 foot range, were tough to park, and demanded accuracy.  Most holes were blind and demanded some type of elevation consideration (up and over trees or through a gap) or ceiling consideration.  Automatic bogey for anyone who nails one of the native tufted squirrels!!  I played with two discs (FL & XD) only and manged a +1 with 4 missed putts within 20 ft.  

I am camping just north of C.S. near Monument and happed into the liquor store there to find a selection of brews worthy of nirvana.  Most were local, but missing was one brewery that I found out didn't bottle their beer - Trinity Brewing Co.  I played a round at Sakuna and found my way to the brew pub for dinner and ordered their Chi.  Although a little light for me, it was very earthy...and hints of pine and spice and hops were everywhere.  Maybe it's my newest recent addiction to Belgium beers that allowed me to enjoy it so.  This course, played at 7000 ft in late summer weaving under the pines of the black forest, compliments the piney, fruity, dry notes of this beer.  In order to avoid general drunkeness in this borderline fundamentalist city, it's ABV is 5.8%, which means it'll take you 4 beers instead of the normal 3 to "see the light" and "rejoice" in your journey to "nirvana".  If Trinity's Chi is not your thing, then praise me for telling you so, cuz they gots 25 more divine craft beers on tap to let you sing "Hey bartender......one more!" (aka....hallelujah)!!!

Overall, I'd compare Sakuna to a mini Idelwild.  Long, tight, true par 61, great layout, and good beer.  If I remember correctly, I like this course better than Cottonwood and much better than Widefield.  For you hopheads try the IPA or Farmhouse at Trinity too.  For you that like Fat Tire, try the Soul Horkey - much better than New Belgium. 

Bottom Line: play here.

Posted: Monday, August 24, 2009 7:23:19 AM

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I played a few courses this year in colorado and Birds Nest was a really good one. Watch out for the catus, snakes and prarie dog holes!lol
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