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2013 Flying Pig Open Options
Posted: Monday, September 09, 2013 8:01:32 PM

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I have uploaded some photos that I took of the Flying Pig from Sunday. I believe I have one of every player that was there.
Posted: Tuesday, September 10, 2013 7:09:25 AM
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in all fairness to pete b I imagine he was just giving a couple of his friends some grief
Posted: Tuesday, September 10, 2013 7:13:48 AM

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Bagging= the win was too easy and took no real effort. Baggers know who they are. The general standard to avoid a nagging label is to move up when playing a C tier or CC type event and in B tier or above play at your rating level. Good playing Bob and Mark. Cyrish, sick 54 on that course!
Posted: Tuesday, September 10, 2013 8:40:30 AM
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awesomebob wrote:
Joe that is a very respectful post. I want to Ty for the kind remarks and the competition. I play this sport for different reasons than most. I have many friends, such as yourself joe that I love to play golf with. I am taking my time to move up, for the fact I have heard many stories how most moved up to quickly and they had much trouble in competing with the higher division. I am just trying to do it the right way and not move to fast and be more discouraged than fun. I want the fun factor first and foremost, but want to be competitive as well. I appreciate being talked about that just means that they are leaving others alone. I just wanna remind people I barely have 2 years in the sport I want to experience everything as an amateur before being serious about the sport. So I am doing it my way and not how others want me to. I want to be an ambassador and a leader for disc golf not a follower. I want to not regret anything I do, but rather say I did it my way with no regrets. Once again thanks a lot joe your very gracious and a great human being, and a friend that I enjoy playing rounds of golf with. Your a true class act.

You and I have talked about this - you are in an awkward place, and in the end you can't go by anyone else's experience but your own.

Sure, some people move up too quickly, but those people generally overestimate their own abilities and don't have the patience to wait until their game has evolved to properly compete at the next level.  That's certainly not you.

How long you've played has little to do with it, other than not playing long enough to experience all of the tournaments on your list.  If your goal is to take another shot at BG or to compete at Worlds, then you really should consider playing up and not taking cash - the experience of playing with higher rated players is valuable in that regard.

In the end, I would advise you to look at how you play compared to the result.  If you play well and place high, then it's all good.  If you come out of a tournament thinking you played just average and you still win your division (especially if this happens more than once), then honestly you should consider a different one if you really want to keep the competitive fires burning...

Nonetheless - you are playing well.  Keep it up!
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