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Posted: Thursday, July 09, 2009 1:51:03 PM

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Hole #2.  Usually the ceiling is pretty low late  and the fairway is late tight.  Most people try either a long turn over or a side arm.  Throw a backhand roller.  For most people the tee shot to the short basket is the same shot they should shoot for the long basket.

If your name is Tyler Horne...ignore this and go over the trees off the tee...across the pond...take a left at Grandma's house and park yourself up against the long pin.

Hole #3 Long Tee:  Throw a backhand roller but use a more stable disc to help fight that right to left decline and keep yourself out of the creek.
Hole #3 Short Tee:  Throw a beat up overstable driver that will turn over...go behind the big tree..and then stable out at the end.

Hole #5:  Everyone and their dog throws a putter to the drop zone.  Try throwing a stable Z Comet to the left and high of the center tree and let it ride to the mid-point of the hill.  Or, try a strong forehand with an overstable disc such as the Predator and get halfway up the first part of the hill.  There is now a 'window' to the right of the main gap that you can throw a stable forehand thru...you can barely see it.  DON'T GET GREEDY on shot #2...just flip something halfway up with a midrange...and play it for a 4....or you can get greedy and take a 6-8 if you want.

If you have the big arm...go over the trees and halfway to the hole...even if you screw up...you have the distance and an easy toss out will still get you a fairly easy 4.

Hole #6:  Try to flex a forehand around the corner about halfway to the short pin...then a mid to the mouth...a Predator around the corner...and hopefully a 4...or an easy 5 awaits you.  Or you can try a forehand roller from the tee with an understable disc and landing just past the bend...this will give you a roll to the mouth if you are lucky.  Or you can throw a backhand putter off the tee...fire a Buzzz down the middle to the mouth and go from there.

Hole #10:  Putter to the turn...Comet around the turn....sidearm around the turn...whatever gets you there.  Next shot try a forehand roller to the pin.  It takes all the trees out of play and if you can throw a forehand roller 280-300ft you will be knocking a lot of strokes off your average score here.

Hole #11: Practice...practice...practice.

Hole #13: Hyzer flip an Avenger SS off the tee for the long pin...but I simple throw a fore hand to the short basket...then a forehand down the hill short of the creek...a putter run at the basket..and when I miss..a tap in 4.  Why try and complicate this simple hole?

Hole #14 Long: I throw a slight turnover side arm off the tee because my backhand will generally slap an early tree because I'm trying to throw too hard and my accuracy leaves me.  I throw a Sidearm just past the two tight trees up the hill about 260 or so.  If you don't have the arm...try throwing a putter about 80 ft to the top of the first hill...that gives you a second shot where you aren't down in the creek throwing uphill...you can simply throw a driver up the hill almost even..and have very little tightness of the fairway.  For the second shot...I throw the same disc from Hole #6 for a forehand roller up the hill...you will be surprised how far it goes.  If you slow down and execute...it is a fairly easy 4...or we can hit trees all day and take an 8.

Hole #16 Long.  Unless you have a monster arm...simply throw a control driver down the middle to the short basket.  I've been parking the new Discraft Stalker on the short pin...if it hits the hillside it will roll back down to the basket..then a putter to the long basket and a 3 or an easy 4 is your reward....or we can tee off and hit the center trees and take 6's.

Hole #18:  I prescribe to the Buzzz, Forehand Roller, Buzzz, Putt theory of Hole 18.  I've seen the Sidewinder, Buzzz, Putt method in action...I just don't have the accuracy down that tight tunnel for that.
Posted: Thursday, July 09, 2009 10:02:16 PM

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