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Mt. Airy Options
Posted: Thursday, May 26, 2005 8:30:43 PM

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It would be my pleasure to fix up/remake the MT. Airy board and no problem doing the dirty work at Burnet. I will know more of when I can do it after this holiday weekend. I will stop back out at Airy and take a better look at the board and get back to ya.
Posted: Friday, May 27, 2005 5:23:51 AM

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Hi Adam, I do have a small message board, you maybe able to spruce it up a little, I'll get in touch with you over the next couple weeks and we can work at Burnett. thanks
Posted: Monday, June 06, 2005 2:02:43 AM
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I played Mt. Airy today for the first time. It was amazingly hot out, so perhaps the heat is skewing my judgment on this, but this is a seriously long course. It was fairly busy when I played as well, but the fellow disc golfers were kind, and not rude/slow to play. I did notice something that I would not know how to report, but, it might be quite telling of why some of those baskets are in the shape they are. Around the hole 12 basket, there is a shelter/picnic ground there. Well, a gaggle of children were just running around, and generally acting up terribly. When trying to drive on hole 13, they interrupted with a devilish intent, and much worse, there would 4 of them just climbing and hanging on the hole 12 basket. I was surprised it could withstand the punishment it did. If I thought it would do any good, I would've reported the basket-manglers, but, chances are...nobody really would care. Anyone else notice this kind of misuse on this course? Overall, if this course were just inhabited by fellow disc golfers, it would be a hell of a course. Lastly, hole 9 still does not have a tee sign up. Its only a wooden stake with the number 9 etched into it.
Posted: Sunday, June 19, 2005 10:20:54 PM
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Posted: Monday, June 20, 2005 7:35:31 AM
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Just play them all as par 3 and don't worry about the tee signs. 

Posted: Friday, July 01, 2005 5:30:03 AM

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First. Check the courses tab on the main page, and then click on the course name. Most of them have course records. A very popular name claims that honor at Mt. Airy.

Second. Have you played in the Junior Course Challenger Series (JCCS). If not, the next round is at Boone Woods on July 16th. More information can be found in the JCCS thread under the Course Challenger Series index.
Posted: Friday, July 01, 2005 9:30:20 AM
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Ahh MDoggie, how true and relevant your wise words ring indeed. I have also noticed this kind of mischief and naughtiness while thorwing the mighty D. Lets urge picnicers and dogwalkers and others who walk pets to respect the baskets and leave them alone. Possibly signage shall help. James will make sign out of scrap lumber and wood sort refuse. Concerned here! Good to be back. The devilish children who speak who climb of said baskets should stick to their craft with neighboring tress. I have urged in the past to make said baskets of heavier material so that they can withstand the brute force of unwielding children and pompous buglars yet no one has taken issue. Get back to me Philly Cheez! Got to go Sister is getting fitted for a tupee. As always "Let those sweet babies soar...I'm out"
Posted: Monday, July 04, 2005 4:03:14 PM
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Nich Engle ,Adam Jones and myself are playing Airy tonight at 6:30 if anyone wants to join us. Short notice but if anyone can make it we will be there.
Posted: Wednesday, July 06, 2005 9:14:57 AM
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Depends on where you live, I guess, but Airy's one of the best. Luckily I'm walking distance away *grin*
Posted: Wednesday, July 06, 2005 3:52:19 PM
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No, you don,t need new friends just more disc golf friends. Come to the course challenges every month and, eventully you will make more friends at these tournaments who don't mind traveling.
Posted: Thursday, July 07, 2005 4:16:52 PM
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No, you do not have to be an advanced player. There are divisions for players of your caliber, that is what makes these monthly tournaments so great. As your game improves, you have the option of moving up to the next level or staying where your at. I would say the average length of time spent in the novice division is about 2 years. There is also a league that plays every Wednesday and, we will be playing at the Amelia course on 8/3/05 and they may play one at Woodland Mound on 8/24/05. This format is intended to give every player a fair chance to compete and is prepared according to a formula. Example: If you had a rating of 61.03 and were playing against a player with a rating of 53.61, (depending on the difficulty of the course) lets say Highland Hills, he or she would have to beat you by 3 strokes to win. Hope you come out to join the ever growing disc golf scene in Greater Cincinnati.
Posted: Thursday, July 07, 2005 6:55:46 PM
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The handicapping does make things interesting and we have been doing a random draw for teams each league. We still maintain the "A" side and "B" side so new players have the chance to benefit from the experience of their peers.

In Dons example, there is a course correction factor so it's not straight handicapp every week. I suppose if we only played one course we wouldn't need it. It usually affects handicapp by about 1-3 strokes.
Phil Miller
Posted: Thursday, September 08, 2005 12:01:12 PM

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I got my first 3 on hole 10 at Mt Airy today...I usually meet marlow there at 11:30 to play a round during his lunch break and my break from class. Today Marlow couldn't make it so I played with two casual players. I just threw to perfect drives...not specatularly long..but my 2nd shot was under the pin for an easy 3...This will probably keep me playing another 30 years...:smoke
Posted: Thursday, September 08, 2005 6:58:03 PM

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Nice shooting phil.
Kool Keith
Posted: Monday, October 31, 2005 6:28:39 PM
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Today I witnessed some vandalism at Mt. Airy.

While warming up at 18's basket, there was a group of 7 high school kids on #1 tee. They were waiting for another person to show up apparently, and to pass the time, they decided to throw drivers at the kiosk behind the tee and hit the "Rules of Disc Golf" sign. As I turned to see what the racket was, one of them hit the mark, and broke a pretty sizable corner off the sign. I approached him, and informed his actions weren't going to be go unpunished. There was another member of the club there, I don't know what his name was... a tall guy, a little older, maybe 40's... I didn't get his name. He approached the kids too.

I told the kid he could speak with a representitive of the club, and work on some restitution, or I could call the cops, and he could work with them. He of course didn't want to get the cops involved, so I called the only phone number that I had stored in my cell phone (Fred Salaz).

Fred spoke to me, and to the kid. I got the kid's info, and a $20 cash deposit on a replacement sign. The other kids were a little mouthy, but I think they knew they were lucky that the cops didn't get called. BTW, they were from LaSalle High School. Lots of LaSalle t-shirts, key lanyards, and license plate frames.

Unfortunately...I went off and played 10, because there were 8 of them, and I didn't want to wait all day. Stupid move, because when I got finished with the back, they had completely destroyed the sign and left the course.

Here's the kid's info.

Jeremy Albers
5310 Pinecliff Lane
Cincinnati, OH 45247

(513) 608-1448 This is the cell phone number he gave me.
(513) 574-3389 This is the number I found for a Michael Albers at that EXACT address...probably his father. He didn't seem like he was giving me false info...it looks to check out OK.

I have the $20 dollars, in cash, on my person. I'll see Fred Salaz on Friday or Saturday this week, I believe. If someone from the club could contact me about what I should do with the money, I'd appreciate it.

Posted: Monday, October 31, 2005 8:57:03 PM

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I'm pretty sure those signs cost $80 (plus shipping).  Good job.  I also believe the club has offered a small reward for catching vandals.
Posted: Thursday, January 12, 2006 5:58:07 PM
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Enjoy playing hole 7 and 8 while you can...they are being yanked.

I met with the Superintendent of Cincinnati Parks Operations, the Supervisor of Parks Operations, and the maintenance foreman for the west-side parks last week at Mt. Airy. Actually, they called me and requested a meeting. They are very concerned at the decimation of the woods on holes 7 and 8. It didn't look that bad that day, with the leaves on the ground, but they know how bad it looks in the summer, when the ground cover is missing and the roots are 6 inches in the air. I asked about relocating the holes to the area behind the lodge, where we have had holes for past Flying Pigs. They were ok with it. I inquired as to how much they can do. I reminded them that pretty much everything out there on the course was purchased and installed by the GCFDA. They were very thankful and 2 of them weren't aware that the club members donated the baskets in the first place.

I weedled out of them that if we can give them an example of a locking sleeve, they'll see if they can make it in their maintenance shop. That's big. They are very concerned about gravel, but I convinced them to let us use their gravel in CERTAIN spots. They don't want in in fairways because of mowing concerns, but are ok using it for stabilization of paths in the woods. They are willing to work with us if we do a Greenup Day at the Park, where they'll bring some labor and pickup truck.

I asked about their access to signs and they've got a cumbersome contract and would be a year before they got them. They don't have money in operations. The money is in long term planning. That way they can budget - like other City agencies. We'll have to make up new signs and modify or replace the existing signs to get the numbering correct.

They agreed to send out a crew to cut vines and honeysuckle for 2 weeks this winter. These vines have been killing many of the healthy trees on the course.

I pushed the issue and asked if the present fairways on 7 and 8 get better, could we some day rotate them back. They were non-committal but didn't insist on a no.

I was doing some P.R. talk with them about all the things the GCFDA members have done out there and they agreed that they value the course a lot more than before, because of the way it has pushed some of the troublemakers and less-desirable visitors elsewhere. I've been pushing the idea of a course at the new Otto Armleder park across from Lunken Airport for a couple of years, and get maybes. This time the Supervisor, Larry Parker, wrote an email to the Parks Planning Superintendent and inquired about a course there, too. This is a good direction.

As for garbage cans on the holes, they are absolutely convinced that it only makes the mess worse, and that players should be able to handle waiting a couple of holes until they come upon a real garbage can. I've been asking for a while for more cans, and he has now installed some more. They believe in the "pack it in, pack it out" concept of National Parks.

I was going to wait until the February meeting to discuss these things, so we'd have some substantial things to talk about, but since the cat is out of the bag, I thought I'd update you here.
Posted: Friday, March 03, 2006 5:52:31 PM
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I was at Mt. Airy this afternoon and they have done a lot of honeysuckle removal. The honeysuckle has been removed on the left side of hole six, on the left side by the basket on hole nine and along the right side of ten (especially up by the basket). It seems like the worst parts of seven and eight are as much storm water related as they are foot traffic related. If it is such a concern now, why didn't they recommend something to alleviate the problem before it got to this point?
Posted: Monday, March 06, 2006 8:30:39 PM

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FYI. I will be at Mt. Airy at 4:30 on Friday the 10th to play a round while pickn up trash and any debris. If anyone wants to join me that would be great. Also don't forget that the Disc N Dat bagtag nite is thursdays at 4:30 here also. As of right now we are workn on a clean-up day in April to coinside with the Cincy parks green-up day on the 22nd. Will have more info on this later.
Fred Salaz
Posted: Monday, March 06, 2006 9:29:54 PM
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Adam, why don't you pass out trash bags on Thursday's bag tag and get some of those guys to help out. Less work for everyone all the way around. Then go through on Friday and clean up what was missed or the trash that was left out for that day(Friday).
Thanks for your efforts.
Posted: Tuesday, March 07, 2006 4:21:26 AM

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My thoughts exactly, I am just not sure if im going to make it this week on thursday. I have a 50/50 shot of being there. If I can I will. Thanks Fred
Posted: Tuesday, March 07, 2006 7:09:19 PM
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Adam, I'm for sure going to be there Thursday with tag #6. Call me and remind me to take bags, and I'll pass them out.
Posted: Thursday, March 09, 2006 8:50:37 PM

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where were ya Craig. it didn't rain at all while we played and I did a small amount of trash pickup on the front9. Back was actually in good shape. Ciya Saturday.
Posted: Friday, March 10, 2006 6:21:33 AM
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He didn't want to lose that #6.
Posted: Thursday, March 23, 2006 8:08:35 PM
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I talked to the Cincinnati Parks Department today about the Mt. Airy Cleanup Day. The Parks are coordinating with different volunteer groups to come up with some community members to help them out. I told them that the GCFDA should be able to muster up a small army (I didn't use that word) to help with the disc golf course area.

The day is April 22nd. They are planning on working 9 a.m. till 1 p.m., with free pizza and possibly tee-shirts for volunteers provided by the Parks. She said they'll have their park staff and some equipment on hand to assist the volunteers. It sounded like the other community volunteers are going to concentrate on the other areas of the park, but I told them we'd need some vehicle (gravel dumping, mulch, etc.) assistance and would work on the disc golf course.

Adam has been taking the lead on Mt. Airy - he already touched on the fact that that's the same weekend as the Lexington Open, but hopefully, there are enough members around who can make a good showing with the parks. It's not often in our history that we've gotten much help from the Cincy Parks, so let's not waste the opportunity.
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