Open $25
Open Women $15
Open Master / Grand Masters $15
Advanced Men / Women
Advanced Masters / Grand Masters $15
Intermediate Men / Women   
Recreational Men / Women

There is a $3 Club event fee, current GCFDA members(discount) are waived this fee, $5 late fee for sign-ups after 9:00am.  First time players Club fee is waived. There is also an optional $2 ace fund. If no aces are hit that day, a Closest to the Pin (CTP) will be run for half the fund and the other half will be carried over to the next CCS tournament. Follow the PDGA Rules of Play. We do however mix divisions for the first round. This is so new players can learn from the experienced players and thusly they can pass on their knowledge of the game, rules, and history.

Sign-up deadline: 9:00 am
Player's meeting: 9:15 am
Tee off: 9:30 am

The tournaments consist of two rounds with approximately one hour for lunch in between rounds. Second round starts approximately 1 hour after the last card has been turned in.

Prizes: Cash is awarded to top 45% in Open/Master/Grand Master divisions. Top 50% for all other divisions and receive credit voucher towards discs and miscellaneous equipment after the awards are finished. A pre-made chart is used to calculate the payout and is available for viewing.
Series Points: The course challenge standings are based on a player's finishes in the course challenges throughout the calendar year.  Started in 2000, player's points are based upon the place that they finished in their division.  For example, 1st place gets one point, fifth get five, tenth gets ten, etc.  Players that did not play in a particular course challenge are awarded points equal to the maximum turnout of players in their division plus one over all course challenges in a year. This weights all tournaments the same No one is penalized more for missing one tournament over another.  For example, In Advanced 24 people play Mt Airy, 10 play Pride, someone who misses Mt Airy gets 25 points, someone who misses Pride gets 25 points (2003). The two worst point totals of the year (out of the nine course challenges) are dropped from the total points for every player.  The other course challenge points are tallied together to form a total score.  The player with the lowest total score is the course challenge series champion in that division.  (The system is roughly based on the cross country point system). All divisions are eligible for Series Champion awards for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd, with the following qualifying rules. Must compete in a minimum of 4 events. Must have 3 per division for 1st, 4 for 2nd, and 5 for 3rd. Ties will be broken by most top finishes, then next best until tie is broken.
Starting in 2017 there will be no Series Awards for the Recreational division.
If you are in a division and notice that you could have or should have been competing in a higher division, we will transfer up to three events scores to the new division. This way you can move without "missing" an event in the higher division.
Courses: A particular course is played only once per year. 9 different courses are included in the series over 9 months.  Each year the course schedule is determined in advance by the Club Officers or CCS Coordinator.
Other: Although the course challenge series is open to anyone, a minimum age has been set of 12 years.  Through much discussion and trial, it was agreed this was necessary to ensure speed of play and minimize distractions to other players.
3/26/2017 Harbin (Sunday)
4/8/2017 Dunham PDGA C-Tier
5/20/2017 Monroe/Turtlecreek >120
6/18/2017 Boone/Idlewild (Sunday)
7/15/2017 Williamsburg
8/27/2017 Osage Grove (Sunday)
9/17/2017 AJ Jolly (Sunday)
10/14/2017 Mt.Airy - PDGA C-Tier
Lincoln Ridge


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