Weekly Events

Event StartTitleDescription
12/21/2014 12:00 PM Recurring Event: until 12/28/2014 (total 152 events) Nati Dubs at Mt.Airy The Nati Dubs at Mt.Airy DGC

Every Saturday at 12pm. or Sundays at 1pm if another local event is on Sat.

$7 entry includes $2 Ace Fund.

A & B Doubles, random draw.

12/24/2014 6:00 PM Recurring Event: until 12/31/2014 (total 86 events) Lincoln Ridge Wednesday Doubles Lincoln Ridge Wednesday Doubles 

Tee off is at six year round. Winter months you'll need some lights. $8 entry fee, $5 goes to the payout and $2 to the ace fund. The acefund is capped at 200. At the moment the extra dollar goes to a CTP onhole 22.