Idlewild/Boone Krazy Series #3
Division Player Name Shot Total
Open Dave Cox 100
Master Jeff Eades 113
GrandMasters Dan Bayless 115
Women Lisa Warner 132
Advanced Dan Hollingshead 112
Advanced Masters Ty Conley 114
Advanced Women Angie Mamaril 166
Novice Tim Wayson 139



Kevin Brashear, Dave Hammers, and Dan Bayless

Kevin Brashear (left) and Dan Bayless (right) present David Hammer (center) a check for $3066.00.


The GCFDA's Icebowl Krazy Series that consisted of 3 Icebowls, Mt. Airy, Banklick and Idlewild/Boone raised $3100 for Fairhaven Rescue Mission in Covington, Ky. The check shows $3066.00 but we added $34 to make it $3100. Thanks to all those who participated in any of the events. We also collected many, many bags of clothing. $5 of every entry fee goes to the charity; you could buy 6 Mulligans per event for $1 each; we had one person who raised $766 in pledges; we had several anonymous donors and many disc golfers brought clothes. It was an awesome day, Saturday 2/23/08 with the Executive Director, Dave Hammers, pictured above with TD Dan Bayless and Kevin Brashear, addressing all the disc golfers at the Players' Meeting and telling us a little bit about Fairhaven and said how amazed he was at first, just being out there playing on such a day as it was (Ice all over, so it was Icebowl for sure), but that we were also thinking of others and doing something to help those less fortunate than ourselves. It was a pretty moving moment for all in attendance.

The goal for 2008 was $1750 so we exceeded that goal by a good amount. This just goes to show that the GCFDA is really about more than just disc golf and the payouts. We averaged 61 participants at each event with Banklick drawing the most at 67. Banklick also had the best weather, by far. It truly was amazing, the number of people who showed up at the series finale at Idlewild/Boone, especially with the extremely icey conditions.

As the awards for the series commenced at Gold Star afterwards I heard the bar being raised for next year's goal, by some of those in attendance. What will it be? Who has ideas to make it more? Can we get more participants getting pledges? I'm already looking forward to seeing what we can do. But for now, GCFDA, be proud of what you did this year!

What is the Icebowl?

            The Ice Bowl is for all those disc golfers gutsy, crazy, desperate, or fun-loving enough to join together in an act of disc golf solidarity around the world. Regardless of the weather conditions, the idea is to have fun, raise funds and food for local food banks (or other kinds of charity), and dispel the gloom of winter. There are mandatory Ice Bowl Rules: #1—Under no circumstances, may an Ice Bowl be cancelled or postponed because of weather conditions. #2—No wimps or whiners are allowed. #3.—There are no excuses for not attending. (Either be there or be a wimp!)

This was the 12th Annual Icebowl/Series that I, Dan Bayless have TD'd. The first was at Banklick. Then 6-8 years ago I started having the Series with 3 Icebowls per year ( how smart am I?). The GCFDA ran several before that but I'm not sure how many. We need to check the records for that.



Krazy Ice Bowl Series

2008 Donations
Mt Airy #1$735.50Banklick #2


Banklick Krazy Series #2
Division Player Name Shot Total
Open Dave Cox 95
Master Jeff Eades 109
GrandMasters Dan Bayless 108
Women Liz Shooner 123
Advanced Joe Javins 105
Advanced Masters Darrell Motley 115
Advanced Women Karen Farrell 129
Novice James Robinson 114



Mt Airy Krazy Series #1
Division Player Name Shot Total
Open Dave Cox 108
Master Jeff Eades 121
GrandMasters Dan Bayless 126
Women Liz Shooner 138
Advanced Colin Hurley 115
Advanced Masters Jerry Dobbins 128
Advanced Women Alex Hollingshead 160
Novice Ty Conley 130