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2009 Year in Review for the GCFDA

GCFDA 2009 Disc Golf Review

by President Dave Marlow

The 2009 disc golf year in the GCFDA area was an active one. There were 12 different tournaments during the year, of which 6 were PDGA sanctioned. There were a number of weekly ace fund and doubles events, leagues, the GCFDA Course Challenge Series, the High School Championships and World’s Biggest Day. The following is a summary of the disc golf happenings for 2009.
·        The annual New Years Day tournament was held at Winton Woods. There were a total of 87 participants and Dan Bayless and Liz Shooner were TDs.
·        Ice Bowl Krazy Series was three tournaments held on January 10th at Mt. Airy, January 24th at Banklick, and February 7th at Idlewild. Dan Bayless was the TD. $2950 in donations was raised for the Fairhaven Rescue Mission.
·        Harbin Rat Classic was held March 15th at Harbin Park. This was an amateur only tournament which had 73 participants. Nick Engle was the TD. This was a B-Tier PDGA sanctioned event.
·        Kentucky State Singles was held April 11th at Idlewild. The were 72 participants. Fred Salaz and Kevin Brashear were TDs. This was a Pro Am C-Tier PDGA sanctioned event.
·        Disc ’n Dat Bluegrass Open was held June 6th and 7th at Banklick Woods (now Lincoln Ridge) and Idlewild and was the 10th year for this tournament. There were 134 participants and for the 10th year Dan Bayless was the TD. This was a Pro Am A-Tier PDGA sanctioned event.
·        Deuce or Die was held August 1st at Monroe. This was a doubles tournament and there were 96 participants. Nick Engle was the TD.
·        Sumac Attack was held August 29th at Monroe. There were 66 participants and Holly Williams was the TD. This was a Pro Am C-Tier PDGA sanctioned event.
·        Kentucky State Doubles was held September 26th at Idlewild. There were 71 participants, Fred Salaz was the TD and this was a Pro Am C-Tier event.
·        10th Annual Flying Pig Open was held October 17th and 18th at Harbin Park and Mt. Airy Forest. There were a total of 51 participants, Brad Anderson was the TD and this was a Pro Am B-Tier PDGA sanctioned event.
·        A Mixed Doubles tournament was held November 1st at Monroe. There were 44 participants. Liz Shooner was the TD.
Weekly Activities
·        Ace Fund on Tuesday at Mt. Airy   Fred Salaz TD
·        Doubles on Wednesday at Banklick   Jeff Eades TD
·        Doubles on Wednesday at Monroe   Ken Donathon TD
·        Ace Fund on Thursday at Turtlecreek   Dan Hollingshead TD
·        Bag Tag on Thursday at Mt. Airy   Ben Shooner TD
·        Doubles on Saturday at Mt. Airy   Fred Salaz TD
Leagues – Handicap team format leagues were held this spring, summer, and fall. Spring and summer met on Wednesday night and fall met Sunday morning.
·        Spring leagues went from March 18th through May 27th. There were 20 participants. Dave Wright was the league’s director.
·        Summer leagues went from June 3rd through September 2nd. There were 28 participants. Dave Wright was league’s director.
·        Fall leagues went from September 27th through November 15th. There were 8 participants. Dave Marlow was league’s director.
GCFDA Course Challenge Series – The GCFDA Course Challenge Series was held as usual one Saturday a month March through November. For the first time in 11 years a temporary course was set up at Rapid Run Park. Two of the tournaments were run in conjunction with the Dayton Disc Golf Club, Oxford and Monroe. The largest number of participants for a tournament was 95 at Oxford, the smallest was 64 at Turtlecreek, and the average number of participants was 81.

Tournament Site
Number of Participants
Tournament Directors
Brad Anderson and Mike Kemner
A.J. Jolly
Alan Clore
Alan Clore, Brad Anderson and Mike Kemner
Lee Stephens and Eric Simpson
Rapid Run
Dan Bayless, Jeff Eades, Tony Vincent, and Liz Shooner
Brad Anderson and Mike Kemner
Mt. Airy
Fred Salaz
Dan Bayless and Jeff Eades


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Phil Miller
# Phil Miller
Friday, January 15, 2010 7:48 AM
Thanks to all the club officers and TD's for making 2009 another great year for our sport in the city.
# Madmike
Monday, January 18, 2010 10:00 PM
What about doubles at woodland mound on mondays lol
# discndat
Tuesday, January 19, 2010 11:22 AM
Yup, we just knew we'd leave somebody out. There's so many weekly events going on now, it is hard to keep up with them. But yes, the Monday Doubles at Woodland Mound this year was a huge success also. Thanks to Mike for running it.
# Madmike
Friday, January 22, 2010 5:57 PM
LOL I tried atleast and it was fun!! Thanks to everyone in the beginning for helping out too I didnt give the credit to ALMAN for payout advise and Jeff Eads for his help as well

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