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2010 Ace Race Day Glow Mini Golf Summary

      It was a beautiful day for the Ace Race Day Glow Mini Event at Boone Woods on Saturday 10/16/10. You couldn't ask for better weather. We had a great turnout: 90 participants for the Ace Race and 75 for the Day Glow. We had some play in one or the other and many who played in both. Then we also had mini golf in between the day round and night round of the Day Glow, which has become a huge hit at this event. The cookout between rounds consisted of hamburgers, pork chops, hot dogs, brats, metts, potato salad, chips, baked beans and pop for all who participated in the Day Glow. Then we had some dessert from Patty and Kindra: cupcakes and cookies. The Awards for the Day Glow were presented at Gold Star on Rt. 18 in Burlington. So once again we had a full day and night of disc golf from about 10 am to 10 pm. You just can't beat that for a disc golf lover. If you missed this year's event, mark it down on your calendar for next year. It's always on a Saturday in October, depending on the scheduling of other local and regional tournaments.

     For the Ace Race we had a 3 way tie after the two rounds with one ace and two metals: Joe Mihalek, George Collett and Kevin Vincent. We had a sudden death 4 hole throw off on holes 1, 2, 8 and 9. If no one got an ace on the first three holes it was CTP on 9. We didn't have any aces or metal on the first three so it came down to CTP on hole 9. The first two were wide right and wide left. The winner, Kevin Vincent proceeded to throw a nice one within about 20 feet of the basket to win the Discraft bag of discs. Congratulations to Kevin. Thanks to everyone who came out and made this so much fun. We had a lot of hootin' and hollerin' going on and lots of metal and aces.

     At about 2 pm we started getting the names of 75 participants for the Day Glow into two groups: Group A of the more experienced and skilled players and Group B of the less experienced and skilled players. We set up the draw and since we had 75 we had an odd player who got one extra throw per hole. We had set up 3 extra holes out in the soccer field next to the tennis courts. After the first round we had Lance Fair and Anthony Mastriani in the lead with a 16 down. Lance got an ace. After that we had a -14 and a couple -13's with a whole bunch at -9 to -11.

     The final round once again belonged to the team of Fair and Mastriani as they bettered their first round score by 1 shooting -17 and this time without an ace for a total of -33 for the 2 rounds. They ran away with it by 7 strokes. Shaun Fair and Austin Spears took second with a total of -26 for the day.

     An added attraction at this years event was Jeff Eades CTP Awards for 18 of the 21 holes. These were Ring of Fire type prizes and were awarded at Gold Star along with the rest of the prizes. I think everyone really enjoyed this CTP addition.  I would like to thank all those who showed up at Gold Star - we filled the place!

     Once again, I believe this was a huge success with a lot of fun had by the participants and plenty by the TD. A big thanks goes out to all who helped to put this on: Discraft for the Ace Race, Alicia Eades for the Day Glow stamp on the disc, Gold Star for putting up with a restaurant full of crazy disc golfers, Jeff Eades for setting up the tees, the mini golf, the CTP's, lights for the baskets and getting the extra baskets, Jughead and Fishnet for their grillin' expertise, Phil Miller for setup and cleanup, Patty Francis and Kindra Montgomery for cookout prep and cleanup, and of course the desserts. I know I'm probably missing some people so if I did thank you too.  

Here's the results for the Day Glow. Now, just so you know I may have gotten some team partners mixed up. On the board cards we just had first names, so I struggled on getting a few of them matched up correctly. Let me know and I'll make the corrections. Sorry for the inconvenience. We did have two aces during the Day Glow: Lance Fair and Lee Stephens both on hole C.



Rd 1     


Rd 2                      

1 Lance Fair/Anthony Mastriani 47 46 93
2 Austin Spears/Shaun Fair 52 48 100

Tim Copsy/Jerry Holman

52 51 103
3 Spencer Nunnelley/Dave Collins 49 54 103
5 Tony Vincent/Joe Mihalek 54 50 104
5 Eric Simpson/Seth Allen 53 51 104
5 Chuck Webb/Bill Nuyttens 51 53 104
5 Dan Bayless/John Leonhart 50 54 104
9 Ethan Mills/Alman Johansen 52 53 105
10 Eric Jepson/Ryan McMath 54 52 106

Lee Stephens/Kindra Montgomery

53 53 106
10 Hank Rodrick/Gary Thompson 53 53 106
10 Bill Stahl/Kevin Angel 52 54 106
10 Jeremy Ison/Joe Morris 50 56 106
15 Jeff Eades/Dylan Chaffin 54 53 107
16 Steve Cox/Bill Gardner 56 52 108
17 Jeremy Boling/Gordon Farmer 53 56 109
17 Chris Behymer/Jimmy Colyer 56 53 109
17 Alan Lane/John Schengber 54 55 109
17 Jeff Lanzarotta/Wayne Fair 54 55 109
17 Jughead/Brian Trapp 54 55 109
  Payout Ends      
22 Phil Miller/Terry Nunnelley 56 54 110
22 Mike Naegele/Denny Stephenson 54 56 110
22 Dave Marlow/Rod Angel 53 57 110
22 Beth McGue/Mike McGue 51 59 110
26 Jeff Worley & Kevin Vincent 55 56 111
26 Troy Ison/Dan Cook 53 58 111
28 Donovan Go/Patty Francis 54 58 112
28 Fishnet Dave/Jeff Pitts 56 56 112
28 Chris Best/Richard Colyer 55 57 112
28 Steve Tharp/John Wright 58 54 112
32 Doug Guy/Lee Painter 56 57 113
33 Craig Dyke 57 57 114
33 Kim Richardson/Bobby Daws 58 56 114
33 Tony Lampert/Bruce Cowan 56 58 114
33 Jeremy Boling/Tim Blanchet 56 58 114
34 Jared Brumley/Doug Barker 59 57 116
35 Liz Shooner/Chris Farmer 58 59 117


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