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2010 New Years Day Tourney Review

The Annual New Years Day Tourney at Winton Woods was a huge success and we mean HUGE - as in number of participants, amount of fun and the huge fire we had. We do have some low scores to talk about also. We had some great TD's in Dave Marlow, Alan Clore and Liz Shooner. There were lots of others who helped out. Thanks to everybody who did.

There were 102 participants - 100+ people on a cold New Years Day was awesome. We had participants in 6 Divisions: 28 Open, 1 Open Woman, 14 Pro Masters/Grandmasters, 17 Advanced, 38 Novice  and 4 Novice Women.

It was a cold day to start out at around 15 degrees and got up to 23 degrees. To help with that Don Lohman built a great fire that kept us huddling around the fire before and after the rounds and once again it appeared that one of our TD's, Liz Shooner, got a little too close and went home again with some hot pants. Can she make it three in row next year?

Jim Ferrara won Open with a score of 80, Dan Bayless took Pro Masters/Grandmasters shooting 83, Liz Shooner shot a 97 to take the Open Women. Jeff Morand was the winner in the Advanced division with a score of 88. Shaun Fair had a one stroke win in the Novice division with a 91 and to round it out Patty Francis shot a 110 to take home the Novice Women's win.  Scores are posted and can be seen here: New Years Day Tourney Scores As can be expected, there were Aces at Winton, 5 of them, with 2 of them coming from our local Aceman, Jeff Eades who called a skip ace on hole #3 and then he aced hole #6 to start the second round on his first hole of that round. There were also aces from Paul Dumont, Jerry Stricker and myself, Dan Bayless. So for the Ace Fund, Jeff took home $70 and the others took $35 each.

Here's a link to Pictures from New Years Day Tourney 2010

So for those of you who stayed home, it was a blast and we will see you and everyone else at Winton Woods January 1, 2011. We wish everyone in the local disc golf scene a very happy and successful new year.

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Phil Miller
# Phil Miller
Friday, January 08, 2010 12:27 PM
Hans has on a nice sweater.
# mikekem
Friday, January 08, 2010 6:26 PM
He does look a little over dressed.
# satchfan
Saturday, January 09, 2010 9:50 AM
This was my first tourny and even though it was frigid, Wow, what alot of fun! Met some nice people and can't wait to get more invovled in the disc golf scene! Thanks GCFDA!

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