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This weekend is the GCFDA / DDGA combined event at Monroe.

Since the GCFDA ran the event last year, the DDGA is running it this year. For those that do not attend the DDGA BID tournaments, here is the cost for the different events.

All Open Divisions: $20. All Advanced Divisons: $15. All Other Divisions: $10.

Non-DDGA/GCFDA Members add $3.

Need at least 3 to make a division

Optional Ace Fund:  $2

Sign-ups are until 9:00 and tee-off is set for 9:30.

Hope to see everyone at Monroe this weekend.

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no putt
# no putt
Wednesday, May 21, 2014 10:41 AM
Just an FYI, Lynn Ledford shot a 68 not a 76 the last round at Monroe. He should be in 7th not 9th place. I already emailed the Dayton disc golf club and they are going to make the correction too. I played that second round with him and can confirm a 68 (-4) not (+4).

Nice round Lynn!

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