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The GCFDA is Celebrating its 30th year in 2015!
In 1985 the Greater Cincinnati Flying Disc Association was formed. Thirty years later, the GCFDA is still going strong and continuing the idea of promoting the sport of disc golf. We have had over 600 people as part of our club, and close to 200 are still active members.
Looking at the database, here are the first ten listed members.

001 Tom Forde
002 Cassandra Ryle
003 Tim McPartlin
004 Tom Robison
005 Kerry Keith
006 Dan Smith
007 Mark Holland
008 Doug Sangermano
009 Jerry Williams
010 Scott Schmidt

This list is a few of the people that we commonly see at various GCFDA events;

014 Jeff Eades
019 Sam Von Urban
020 Dan Bayless
022 Bob Herbert
038 Fred Salaz

Just for reference, here are the current club officers.

Adam Jones            club resident           joined in 1994         Member 119
Drew Miller             club vice-president   joined in 2008         Member 477
Pete Caldwell          club treasurer            joined in 1994         Member 113
Tony Vincent          club secretary           joined in 2007         Member 445

When you see some of our founding members, please let them know you appreciate what they started.



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# andersab
Monday, July 13, 2015 2:29 PM
What 2 years were worlds? You should add that in there too!
# uspstracking
Saturday, April 22, 2017 4:42 AM
nice post and article!!
# billalich
Thursday, June 22, 2017 4:55 PM
1988 and 1998 were worlds we're due for another. Climo clinched his 10th consecutive World Championship and a place in the disc golf history books here in Cincinnati. He shot a -12 at Mt. Airy!! And him and Scott Stokely capped it off by just putting on a clinic at a modified final 9 at Cabin Creek which was in pristine condition as usual. The layout was Long 2 (both Ken and Scott had 30-40' putts after their drives on this 500'+ hole with OB down both sides. Long 3- Ken just used his pinpoint accuracy and took the fairway turnover route while Scott took a little more risky route crossing the creek twice by throwing a booming hyzer out and around the Sycamore trees on 16 crashing in behind long 3's basket. Once again both were putting for Birdie. Next up Tee 6 to hole 7- A little more challenge for these two. Then Hole 9 long, Hole 11 long then it switched up a bit again as they were driving from Tee 12 to long 14- Scott Erhenbreker had cleared a 10-12 foot window to 14 long close to 400' from 12's tee. Ken had a narrow escape with a tree on the left that would have kicked him OB but he made it by and had a safe shot. Scott on the other hand cranked a shot that nailed the window and went beyond by about 30' and was looking at a birdie putt. Next up Long 15- Another 500'+ holes neither of these two flinched at and were putting for birdie the only difference was Scott had overdrove the hole and was putting from behind the basket uphill about 40'. Then Hole 16 one of the signature holes on the course always a challenge if you tried to shoot the gap between the Sycamores for the ace as the creek was right there. But both Climo and Stokely took the safe forehand route and birdied the hole. And last but not least short 17- Scott Erchenbrecker in preparation for the Worlds had been running his garden hose into the pond in front of short 17's pin (the pond has since been filled in)which put the water about 2' in front of the basket. Climo parked the hole and everyone knew it was in the books Climo had just won his tenth straight. Stokely knowing he had nothing to lose went with a trick shot. He threw a tomahawk that when it flipped upside-down skipped off the water and parked next to the pin. For good measure after everyone had holed out Scott picked up Ken and threw him into the pond.

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