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GCFDA's 29th Annual New Years Day at Winton Woods.

We will be making a few slight changes this year to better accommodate the larger field of players. Starting 30 minutes sooner, and possibly changing the layout to be 20 holes or more as needed.

Park Ranger will be there to sell Park passes as usual, $10 for the year.

Sign up between 9am and 10am. Tee off at 10:30am.

Entry fees are the same as our CCS series: $25 for Open men $15 for all the rest and $10 for Recreational.

No member fees.

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# crispy
Monday, August 08, 2016 9:36 PM
A lot of trees are down speeding up times. Still if you are already talking about it and Nati alerts people or get's behind it. I can see over 150-200 people and a half hour earlier start is a safe move planning right now. Also adding a few holes in the field just in case never hurts. Anything to keep holes 10,11 and dreadfull 12 from clogging up too bad. Aside from the weather maybe being a factor a group of 175, and that's a high estimate, doing those things should have it wrapped up by dusk max.
# crispy
Monday, August 08, 2016 9:38 PM
Adam, doubt you'll add that comment. Still consider the lack of things to hit and most recs I play with at Winton backhand drivers and still shoot well into the 40's!

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