Web Site Features


The new calendar has several new features including event notification. Now the site has the ability to notify or remind users of upcoming events. This can be achieved by either exporting a vCalander event to a program like Outlook or signing up for a specfic event notification.

Tournament details can be viewed by clicking on event details link in calendar pane.

To download the vCalendar event click on the "Export Event to Desktop"

If available you may have the website remind of you of events by filling in the text box for "Notify Me of this Event @" with your email address.


The new courses page has several new features that take advantage of Google maps. The first feature you'll notice is the customized Google map. Courses installed in the last 5 years are shown in blue while established courses are shown in red. Google can also provide customized directions to each user by using the "To here" link circled below.

From a specific course page such as the AJ Jolly course page you can also get Google directions by clicking "Google Directions" link circled below.

The page links to the Google maps page where you can click on the "To here" to get directions to the course.

Private Messaging

The private messaging works in a similiar fashion to the old website. To send a private message ensure you are logged on to the website and on forums page. Then click on the "My profile" link.

Then click on the "New Message" link to start the message.