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Description: Nice combination of righty/lefty holes and some of the holes will be really nice looking (the course plays through the front of campus which is beautiful most seasons of the year.) There's a nice amount of elevation change, up and down. The buildings are open most of the time, even on the weekends, so there will be access to restrooms and vending machines. The first hole's tee is located in the parking lot just up the hill from the main entrance. On weekends the gates are up and parking will be great. On school days parking is available along Central Parkway (if you're lucky enough) and for $2 in the college's parking garages. Some of the holes use existing parking lots; sidewalks etc. for tee pads, the rest will be grass/dirt temporarily. Signage should be up by spring, tee pads and benches some time next summer. The course map will also display the major trees on the course along with their genus and species, so you'll get a little course in dendrology when you play the course. The course has little to no brushy/weedy areas, so there won't be much chance of losing discs. Should be a nice 'lunch' course, a good place for students to play and pick up the game, a good place for some practice rounds in our Intro to Disc Golf course, and a good course to compliment Burnett Woods for someone looking to get a couple of short rounds in at different locations.

Hole Info
Hole: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Pictures: Tee , Bkt Tee , Bkt Tee , Bkt Tee , Bkt Tee , Bkt Tee , Bkt Tee , Bkt Tee , Bkt Tee , Bkt
Distances: 405 400 220 185 265 300 290 345 320

Division Average Score
Pro <27
Advanced 27-33
Novice >33

Course Timeline:

2007 Design developed & Baskets installed